Gospel Centered


Man was created in the image of God.  Instead of living to follow after their Creator, they worshipped other created things, causing sin and brokenness to enter the world.  Jesus Christ came to reconcile God and humanity back together.  He took the place of humanity by dying on the cross and rising again, taking the penalty of sin upon himself.  Only through faith in Jesus can we be made right with God, not by our own morals, abilities, religion, or any other means.

This is the Gospel.  We believe this message impacts all aspects of everyday life. Everything we do as a church is centered around and focused on this gospel of Jesus, whether it be our Gatherings or our Community Groups it’s all about Jesus and his work on our behalf. 



Through Jesus, we are adopted by God and get to live our lives in genuine community alongside our new family in Christ.  As we grow together in community, we deepen our understanding of the gospel and face life's difficulties by pointing each another to Jesus, who is the only answer to the pain caused by our sin and misplaced worship.  In this new family we love one another, serve one another, celebrate and hurt with one another as we continually grow in the salvation secured by Jesus. 

On Mission


Through the cross of Jesus Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, God uses the Church to pursue the world with the gospel message. God calls the Church to make disciples of Jesus through growth in the gospel.  We believe that making disciples happens best in the context of community and that through genuine relationships we are able to grow together in our faith in Jesus.  We hope that others see how we love one another and are drawn to Jesus through his people. We strive to be a gospel-centered community on mission to see more and more people invited into God’s new family.