Ephesians Part 2

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The following are from our second season in the book of Ephesians. To find the full list of our Ephesians Sermons, visit the Ephesians Sermons


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Sermon on the Mount


As Christians, we have been given joy in Christ. God welcomes us into his joy and calls us to live a life of rejoicing, enjoying his goodness. But there is a problem. We do not live this way. We are often burdened by sin and struggles that rob us of the joy and rest we've been given in Jesus. Sadly, we've often simply grown accustomed to it.




Home Sweet Home

Theology Of Sex

There’s no shortage of oversimplified narratives about gender, sexuality, and marriage. These days it seems that everyone’s opinion is the right one and if you don’t share that opinion, you’re the enemy. But what is actually true? What do we do when confronted with difficult questions and even more difficult situations? How do we love our neighbor without compromising what is true? For something as complex as gender and sexuality, we need something far bigger. Far richer. Far more nuanced. We need a theology of sex. 

This series spends seven weeks unpacking God’s design for gender and sexuality in an effort to understand ourselves, love our neighbor, and live out our mission.