Gospel Fluency: Session 1

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Read Session 1 of Gospel Fluency (Gospel Fluency: Session 1 PDF)


Watch the video below and read through (Basic Gospel Vocab PDF)


Good news before good advice

Scenario:  Michelle confesses to your group that she is having marital issues. Her husband, Tom, accuses her of loving her job more than her family, but Michelle knows that her job is what provides everything for the family, while Tom stays home with the kids. She is worried they will get a divorce.

What would you or your group normally say in response to something like this?

Did the reply point Michelle to the gospel? Or was it mostly advice?

Jesus is the answer

Scenario:  Dave’s girlfriend just broke up with him, and now he won’t hang out with your group anymore.

Using the Basic Gospel Vocab document which facets of the gospel do you believe would be helpful to point Dave toward?


Find someone in your group with whom you can take some time to coach them through the concept of Gospel Fluency. Do this some time over the next week.