Kid City Times 8/19/18

Reminders & Upcoming Dates

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Nursery & Toddlers

Big Picture Questions

What does is mean to forgive?
To let go of anger towards others.

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Who forgives us of our sin?
God forgives us when we turn to Jesus.

The Stories

The Terrible Lie
Genesis 3
Adam & Eve Lose Everything

The Forgiving Prince
Excerpts From Genesis 37-46
Joseph & His Brothers

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A New Way to See
Excerpts From Acts 6-9, 12-28, Colossians 2, Romans 8, & Ephesians 2
The Story of Paul

Preschool & Elementary

This Week’s Lesson: What is the Gospel?

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Romans 3:23, 6:23; 1 Peter 3:13

Memory Verse

Romans 6:23 (Preschool)
“When you sin, the pay you get is death. but God gives you gift of eternal life.”

Genesis 1:27 (Elementary)
 “So God created man in his own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.”

Big Picture Question:

What is the gospel? The good news of how Jesus saves sinners! 

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What We Learned

We took this past Sunday to take a closer look at what the 'Gospel' is. We learned that 'gospel' essentially means good news! And that good news is there is a someone who loves us so much that he was willing to take the fall for us as sinful people. And he does it over and over again with his eternal grace. This man's name is Jesus and he is the only one who bridges us to eternity and to our salvation! The good news is true for everyone who chooses to believe it! Since it is such good news we should spread that good news to those who have not heard it! 

Jesus Connection

The Gospel of Jesus is the good news that Jesus saves sinners from facing eternal punishment for our sins.