genuine community is an essential part of being the church

Although our whole church gathers on Sundays for worship and teaching, the primary expression of our church is our Community Groups. We believe that genuine community is an essential part of being the church -- we cannot live as Christians with the true, deep relationships we see among church family in Scripture through simply getting together once a week. The goal of our Community Groups is simple: to live out the implications of the gospel with others.

These groups are not simply a once-a-week meeting, Sunday School class, or Bible study, but rather a way to live normal, everyday life together with others. In these groups, people meet throughout the week to hang out, eat, pray, study the Bible, and simply walk through life together. This is where we live out our vision of being a gospel-centered community on mission.

Whether you desire to be a part of our church – or if you’re just checking out what it means to follow Jesus – it is our desire that everyone would have a place to belong in these communities that bring life, relationship, and growth. 

You can see our current community groups with some basic info on meeting times below.

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