More Thoughts on Same Sex Attraction.

We recently spoke about Same Sex Attraction in a sermon called Hate-Filled Bigots and Hospitality. The Theology of Sex Series was a great start for us to be thinking how we as a gospel-centered community on mission can be God's people impacting our city with the gospel amid a culture that glorifies a sexual narrative that conflicts with the bible.

As we continue to develop a culture at Mill City Church that speaks openly about all sin struggles, we want to create an informed environment that is able and capable of loving those among us who struggle with same sex attraction.

The following is a handful of videos from a Same Sex Attraction series published by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC. Sam Allberry, author of Is God Anti-Gay? answers a number of thoughtful questions that will help us as a church to better understand, love, and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ who struggle with same sex attraction.

Is Same Sex Attraction A Sin?

How Can A Christian Minister To A Same Sex Attracted Individual Who Is Experiencing Loneliness?

How Do Families Explain Same Sex Attraction To Their Children?

What Does It Meant To Be A Same-Sex Attracted Person Who Is Also A Christian?

As Christians, Why Is It Important Not To Wrap Up Our Identity In Our Sexuality?

What Does Early Discipleship To A Homosexual Individual Look Like?