we exist as a church in Community Groups

Mill City Church began in March of 2013 with a simple design: to be a gospel-centered community on mission. That means we’re focused on just two things: Community Groups and Sunday Gatherings. We want to see more people genuinely following Jesus with their lives, and we believe that best happens in the context of relationships. So we exist as a church in Community Groups following Jesus in everyday relationships with one another.  



Christianity was never meant to be a weekly meeting, but rather an all-of-life devotion that is lived out in the context of the new family that we have been invited into through Jesus.  

Being in community with one another allows us to live out the implications of the gospel.  We are called to love, forgive, serve, celebrate with, and hurt with one another as we fight to be more like Jesus, and invite others into the same community to experience fully what has been offered to us through the cross. 

Each Sunday we gather our Community Groups together to be reminded of the gospel, celebrate together the joyous implications of it on our lives, and be challenged to join Jesus on his mission throughout the rest of the week.